What can Superior Truck Bodies offer you

22 Feb by ljanari

What can Superior Truck Bodies offer you

We are a Cape Town based family business who are Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP, or fibreglass) truck body builders for all truck brands.


The company manufacture insulated and semi-insulated truck and trailer bodies, and also offer repair and maintenance service to all truck and trailer load bodies (including steel repairs and spray painting) in Cape Town and has a satilite branch in Johannesberg.

The company specialises in trailers for the food and beverage industries, with clients who move everything from frozen products, includi

ng ice-cream, fish, chicken as well as butchers that require specialised, reinforced bodies to hang carcasses, and fresh produce that require ambient or refrigerated temperatures. We also services the courier industry that uses dry-freight bodies to move parcels, and furniture companies.

Fibreglass has no joints and rivets therefore there are no leaks, and it is a clean and quality panel. The fibreglass is also easy to clean and repair. -Monray Mulder

We only use the best quality materials in the construction of our products.

Repairs are an extremely important support service for clients. Trucks tend to take a lot of abuse whole being loaded and unloaded, and downtime costs our clients money.

We also have a  mobile repair unit, to do on-site repairs, thereby minimising downtime for clients.

 Standard features offer extended service life

  • All floors have quality plywood placed on closely spaced support beams of machined meranti.
  • Refrigerated trailers are insulated with polyurethane foam and have overall panel thickness of 115mm (floor,) 100mm (roof) and 65mm (side walls.) The front wall is strengthened to cope with the braking of the vehicle with a mounted refrigeration unit mass of 1,000 kg.
  • Bottom of sidewalls are strengthened in vehicles to be loaded with side moving pallet loaders.
  • Front wall or false bulkhead strengthened for high impact of first pallet being “rammed” into the vehicle.
  • Detail given to ease of maintaining hygiene conditions of interior.
  • All bodies including, dry freight, are dustproof and water tight.
  • Dry freight bodies have 50-75mm of insulation in the roof.

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